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See more videos for Focused. to one particular area of a business, and knowing exactly what you want to achieve: The chief executive of the company attributes their success to focused marketing. Create tasks, configure breaks and. Focused Will has a very high uptime (close to 100%) whenever you are getting hit at all in PvP. When a beam of light is focused on a thing, it&39;s shining on that thing. Definition of focused in the Idioms Dictionary. SAP delivers all knowledge required with the focused solution, significantly reducing training costs.

a focused approach/effort There should be more focused effort on Focused improving the availability and quality of these products. Listen to the &39;Captain Hook&39; ‘We make deliberate, focused - deliberately focused attack. Every ounce of resentment in his nature had been focused to the burning-point. Another word for focus.

” In the scientific Latin of the 17th century, the word is used to refer to the point at which rays of light refracted by a lens converge. ” Perhaps you can imagine how a Focused fireplace or a hearth—contained areas and sources of heat and light—was likened to such a point in math and science. When a camera lens or your eyes are focused, they&39;ve made the adjustments needed to see clearly. 20 synonyms of focused from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 43 related words, definitions, and antonyms. The Latin word focus meant “hearth, fireplace. Micheals opened one eye and focused it in Conners&39; general direction. Focused: having the mind fixed on something. But telling yourself to stay focused on a task, especially a mundane one, is often a lot easier said than.

focused When a person is focused on something, they&39;re paying attention to it. I didn’t fall or feel nearly as much for this coupling. A high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) procedure is a technique approved by the FDA to remove prostate tissue. Focused Build is delivered as a standard solution, with no additional coding required.

Official audio for "Focused" by John Legend. ‎Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. Focused was one of the first Christian hardcore bands of the spirit-filled hardcore movement, along with Strongarm, Zao, Overcome, and Unashamed, with vocalist Tim Mann coining the "spirit-filled hardcore" phrase. Select Show Focused Inbox.

Drake hitched his chair nearer and focused all his powers of concentration. Find another word for focused. The Focused and Other tabs will disappear from the top of your mailbox. What does focused expression mean? If you wish to change the layout of your messages, it&39;s possible to train the Focused Inbox or disable it altogether.

Select the View tab. Focused Therapy is a small company designed to meet your individual needs and to help our clients succeed. With an unforgettable voice and strong themes of friendship, family, and crossing over from childhood to teenage years, Focused is a memorable. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Even after you&39;ve learned to Focused love the process and know how to stay focused on your goals, the day-to-day implementation of those goals can still be messy. Dealing with some narrowly defined aspects of a broader phenomenon. It deflates stereotypes about the condition and shows just how much effort people with ADHD have to exert to function in a neurotypical world.

Then, for the rest of the session, you dive deeply into your tasks while your host keeps you accountable. Stacks are generated in no time - a rogue opens on you and you Focused just get 2x Focused Will almost instantly. In physics, a focus is “a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected. Though it hasn&39;t been approved for the treatment of prostate cancer in the U. Let&39;s talk about some additional ways to improve concentration and make sure you&39;re giving each task your focused attention. About Focused Therapy,LLC. The book is a standalone and not included in the Washington Wolv A new sports-related romance (especially football) is always a big temptation.

The core of focused is the focused session, a one-on-one working session with a trained host over a video call. It’s a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus. Your most important email messages are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the Other tab. To render (an object or image) in clear outline or sharp detail by adjustment of one&39;s vision or an optical device; bring into focus. Focused is Logan’s sister, Molly and Noah Griffin’s book.

With an effort he focused his mind back on that awful day and began. Synonyms (directing all one&39;s efforts towards a goal): concentrated, determined, single-minded; see also Thesaurus:focused. If there’s one thing we could all probably use a lot more of, it’s the ability to focus. Note: If you don&39;t see the button, your version of Outlook might not include this feature. Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. Find more ways to say focus, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.

Her mind is constantly in motion and unable to stay focused that her parents threaten to make her quit chess if she doesn’t concentrate more in school. Your host helps you talk through your goals, manage any anxieties and obstacles, and make an actionable task plan. Join these fellow travelers (and a bunch of special guests) as they share the best ways to get focused, and talk though their successes and failures along the way. Collectively, our trainers have trained over 600 school districts around the country. In addition, they have actively participated in the development of the Five for Life and Fab 5 Curriculum. Focused was a hardcore punk band that originated out of Long Beach, California in 1990. ’ ‘Right now everybody is focused like a laser beam on the economy.

’ ‘Recent antitumor research has been focused on tyrosine kinase growth factor receptors. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. It is run by a licensed professional counselor with over 15 years experience helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Focussed definition: → focus | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. David Sparks and Mike Schmitz are not nearly as productive as they’d like to be. The default view for most versions of Outlook is a feature called Focused Inbox, which separates important emails from the rest and places these messages in a special tab for quick access. The state of maximum distinctness or clarity of such an image: in focus; out of focus. StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.

focused (comparative more focused, superlative most focused) Directing all one&39;s efforts towards achieving a particular goal. Focussed violates the UK spelling rule that calls for a doubling of a final unsupported consonant when a suffix beginning with a vowel is appended, only when the final vowel is both short and accented, (cf no doubling in opened, covered, callused, biased, irises, bonuses), except when the final letter is L, which doubles also when the syllable is unaccented (cf travelled, levelled), and also in some cases where a prefix is added to an established word. giving a lot of attention, time, effort, etc. Focused - Idioms by.

’ ‘In nineteenth-century America, racial uplift ideology focused on the civilization of the African Diaspora. You&39;re guaranteed to be at 2 stacks constantly refreshing if someone is on you doing any damage, even if they are undergeared. Listen & Download &39;Bigger Love&39; out now: ee/JLBiggerLoveAlbumFollow John Legend: Instagram: Focused Fund: A mutual fund which rather than holding a diversified mix of equity positions focuses on a limited number stocks in a limited number of sectors; unlike many funds which hold. FEATURED PRODUCTS Go To Store >> FARM FOCUSED IS A "STATE OF MIND" We bring products and services to hard working growers and ranchers that help productivity and profitability while at the same time. Focused by Alyson Gerber, follows Clea, a seventh grader who’s unknowingly suffering from the symptoms of ADHD—unable to finish assignments, failing tests, impulsive comments, and clumsiness. More Focused images.

Focused is a moving exploration of a childs life with ADHD. The Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. Focused Build is a ready-to-run and integrated, tool-supported methodology to manage requirements and software development in large, agile projects. Focused Fitness offers training in all of our curriculum and software. To be doing something for too long, really into it, or more than usual that your friends just wonder what the fuck are u thinking.

Focused definition: If you describe someone or something as focused, you approve of the fact that they have. 20 synonyms of focused from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 43 related words, definitions, and antonyms. com, the world&39;s most trusted free thesaurus.


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